Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative

PCPCC SAN: Improving Care Through Partnership with Patients, Families and Communities

Welcome to the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative’s Support and Alignment Network (SAN). We are part of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, a nationwide program to help clinicians transform the way they practice to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve health care quality. Our SAN offers training, technical assistance and coaching to help TCPI clinicians engage individuals, families and communities to improve care.

Why engage patients and families?

Every person has a different perspective on their own health care, influenced by culture, family situation, age, language and a lot of other factors. To be effective, health care has to address the needs of the person, not just some hypothetical ‘patient.’  Patient or person-centered care means offering health care services to individuals based on their needs, preferences, and circumstances.  Person-centered care makes a difference: it makes patients and families feel more welcome, encourages them to participate in their own health as partners, and improves the patient’s experience of care. 

Why should clinicians care?

The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is a nationwide program to help clinicians transform the way they practice to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve health care quality.  Patient and family engagement is a critical strategy needed achieve these goals.  The TCPI is recruiting 140,000 clinicians to participate in practice transformation, and is encouraging each and every one to involve patients and families in a meaningful way. 

Transformation is possible!

Patients may not know what to do to be involved in improving health care. Clinicians might not know what steps to take to get started or to improve even further. This website offers tools, training and information to support patients, families, and clinicians in making the transformation to person centered care. Use our resources to learn more about getting started, join our Patient-Family Advisory Council Network (the PFAC Network) to ask questions from your peers, or use our map to identify practices in your area. 

Good luck getting started! We encourage TCPI participants to contact us if you have questions or if the PCPCC SAN can provide customized assistance. 

Working with patient advisors

Latest Toolkits

How To Be An Effective Patient & Family Advisor

This guide will help you decide if you want to partner with your health care team as an advisor to improve care at your clinic. It also answers questions about the role of patient and family advisors and helps prepare you to participate effectively.

6 Steps Toolkit6 Steps to Creating a Culture of Family Engagement in Health Care

This toolkit is designed for health care practices participating in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, but will be of value to any practice seeking strategies to improve person and family engagement.

For Patients

Learn more about ways to be a partner in improving health care

For Clinicians and PTNs

Learn why patient and family engagement matters, and strategies to improve PFE measures

SAN Resource Library

Practical information and tools to involve patients and families in improving health care quality

Upcoming Training Events
October 26, 2017
Webinar Description: One of the greatest challenges for providers is to discharge patients home safely and avoid re-hospitalization. One of the greatest challenges for the patients and families is... more

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The Case for Patient and Family Engagement

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