Choosing Wisely Implementation across Georgia

Transformation Story: Learn about a healthcare organization that successfully implemented Choosing Wisely across an entire state

As much as 30% of care delivered in the U.S. is duplicative, unnecessary, and has limited benefits to patients.

Why does this happen?
Because healthcare providers and patients are busy. It may seem challenging to take on a new initiative like the Choosing Wisely implementation, even when it can decrease the prevalence of medical overuse. However, it will ultimately save time, lower costs, and most importantly, provide patients with the best, most appropriate care.

Partnering effectively with patients and families is a critical first step in being part of the solution in combatting medical overuse.

Dr. Scott Pugel shared a Transformation Story:

Physician Program Director of Resource Stewardship, Dr. Scott Pugel, will share how Kaiser Permanent Georgia implemented Choosing Wisely regionally through 25 medical offices in 14 counties.

During this webinar, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of best practices and barriers to regional implementation;
  • Learn about specific tactics used to implement; and
  • Understand their change management strategy.


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