Results and Evidence

Research that demonstrates the medical home's cost and quality impact.

Snapshot of the Evidence:

In the first-ever study of its kind, the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative’s (PCPCC) 2018 Evidence Report examines the interaction between the Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) and the Accountable Care Organization (ACOs)  through both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Check out the key findings in the White Paper or an overview in the Executive Summary!

Every year the PCPCC releases an Annual Evidence Report evaluating the impact of the PCMH model on cost and utilization measures. Our 2017 report released in July 2017 aggregated outcomes from 30 peer-reviewed studies, state government program evaluations, independent evaluations of federal initiatives and industry reports:


peer reviewed

Peer Reviewed Outcomes

The PCPCC has aggregated a growing list of PCMH program evaluation and outcomes data published in peer-reviewed journals.

peer reviewed

Industry Reported Outcomes

The PCPCC tracks publicly reported PCMH program evaluation and outcomes data published by commercial insurers, think-tanks, and independent evaluators.

PCMH Map Outcome View

The Outcomes View allows users to access evaluation data for programs featured in the map. Users can search programs by type of outcome (e.g., cost savings, fewer ED visits, improved health, etc.).

Education and Advocacy Tools:

PCPCC invites you to disseminate results and outcomes from advanced primary care and medical home initiatives when educating policymakers, providers, consumers, and employers.

Annual Report Tables

Every year PCPCC releases Annual Review of the Evidence publications that summarize program outcomes for advanced primary care and PCMH initiatives taking place nationwide.

Outcome & Evidence Slides

Our Map Tools page includes two customizable slide presentations. Slide Deck 1: PCMH 101 - General Overview. Slide Deck 2: PCMH 201 - A Snapshot of the Evidence.

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