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I work for an organization (not a PCC member) involved in primary care and would like to support the campaign as an organization.

To become an official Campaign Participant, which allows you to give input to PCC’s public policy proposals (the core work of the campaign), you must first become an Executive Member of the PCC.

  1. Review the information about becoming a PCC Executive Member.
  2. Fill out the PCC membership application. PCC’s Membership Coordinator, Maria Sulima, will contact you.
  3. Becoming an official and public Campaign Participant means your organization also needs to sign on to the PCC Concordance Recommendations for Primary Care Payment and Investment (i.e., agrees with the principles in that document).


I work for an organization in health care, and we want to publicly show our support of the campaign, but we cannot/do not want to join the PCC at this time.

We can list your organization publicly as a Campaign Supporter, which does not enable you to participate in the governance of the campaign (see above). But your public support strengthens our campaign numbers, which helps when advocating for policy changes with policymakers and decision-makers.

Fill out this form to request to become a Campaign Supporter. Doing so indicates your organization’s intent to sign on to the PCC Concordance Recommendations for Primary Care Payment and Investment, i.e., that your organization agrees with the principles in that document.

Need to talk to someone about becoming a Campaign Supporter? Contact Larry McNeely, PCC’s Policy Director, at [email protected] or 202-640-1212.


I am an individual who would like to support the campaign.

We’re pleased to have your support. However, the PCC is comprised of organizations, and you must be an organization to be listed as a Campaign Participant or a Campaign Supporter.

However, you can stay informed about the campaign and other PCC activities by subscribing to our quarterly e-newsletter. Also, you can follow us on social media:


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