The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2019

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four older adults falls every year, and 20 percent of those falls are serious, resulting in a broken bone, head trauma or the similar injury. Seniors who experience a fall double their chance of experiencing another fall in the future. Unfortunately, the risk of falling can’t be completely avoided, so it’s crucial to provide immediate help and assistance if and when a fall happens.

This is where home medical alert systems can be invaluable. These devices allow seniors to retain their independence at home and in their communities, while minimizing the risk of further injury or death from falling being unable to receive immediate help.

While there are many quality, above-board companies in the home medical alert industry, there are also those that are overpriced, misleading or profiting from hidden fees. We’ve created this review to shed light on the top home medical alert options so that seniors and their loved ones can easily choose a reputable and affordable home medical alert company that works for them.

The 14 Best Medical Alert Systems
Medical Guardian – Best for Premium Features
MobileHelp – Best for Those Without a Landline
Life Alert – Best for Industry Experience
LifeStation – Best for Low Initial Fees
Bay Alarm Medical – Best for Low Monitoring Costs
Philips Lifeline – Best for Automated Medication Management
Medical Care Alert – Best for EMT/EMD Certified Monitoring
QMedic – Best for Compliance and Activity Monitoring
ResponseNow – Best for Easy Repairs
RescueTouch – Best for Two-Way Communication
Rescue Alert – Best for Free Accessories
GreatCall Lively Mobile – Best for Access to Medical Advice
LifeFone – Best Standalone Mobile App
Alert1 – Best for Multilingual Support

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