Jeffrey Geller


Jeffrey S. Geller, MD joined Kronos Health in 2019. He is a family physician and a nationally recognized expert in the group visit model of care where small groups of patients work together to improve their health guided by a medical provider.  Dr. Geller is particularly well known for his work in creating the largest group visit program in the U.S., and his ideas about empowerment. In June of 2009 he received the Healthy Youth for a Health Future Champion Award from the US Surgeon General to acknowledge the innovative group programs for treating pediatric obesity sponsored by New Balance. In addition to board certification in Family Medicine he is also certified in acupuncture which he learned from the UCLA School of Medicine program, has received training in osteopathic manipulation from the New England College of Osteopathy, and is an Approved Consultant in hypnosis having trained and served as faculty for the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is particularly interested in evidence based alternative options for healthcare.

Dr. Geller is currently serving as faculty the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and Tufts University School of medicine. He has been engaged in several research projects over the last 5 years to study his work with loneliness and group visits. He was awarded the AAFP / Park-Davis Teacher Development Award in 2000, and the AAFP Resident Scholars Award: First Place in 2001 for some of his published research. He frequently presents his work at conferences. His alternative medicine clinic in an underserved community has won awards and financial support from the following agencies: CVS, Eileen Fisher Co., Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, and Latino Project 2010. His clinics offer acupuncture, hypnosis, Osteopathic manipulation and group visits with Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation in coordination with western modalities. As a practicing integrative physician, Dr. Geller has been using the scientific literature to compare the various methods of approaching illness and healing.

He was an electrical engineer prior to his career in medicine graduating from the University of Massachusetts as the Most Outstanding Senior Electrical Engineer in 1992. This background gives him a very firm basis in statistics, which has been very helpful in reviewing and making sense of the medical literature. By maintaining a vibrant practice, he feels he is able to sort through not only what is statistically meaningful, but also what is generally useful and helpful for physicians.

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