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Inside the Medicare innovation lab's big plans Politico
NorthShore to Lead “Largest Primary Care-Based Genomics Program in U.S.” Healthcare Informatics
PCPCC Applauds Delaware Report Recommending Increased Investment in Primary Care
Many Working to Shed Stigma of mental Illness
Food stamps, housing subsidies and other services for America’s poor at risk as shutdown drags on Washington Post
Government Shutdown Curtails F.D.A. Food Inspections New York Times
Check Out New Webpages on Shared Principles! Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative
PCPCC's Top 10 Accomplishments in 2018 Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative
Shutdown Impacts Native Americans' Ability To Get Health Services WBUR News
How Helping Patients Get Good Care At Home Helps Rural Hospitals Survive Kaiser Health News
Medicaid: What to Watch in 2019 from the Administration, Congress, and the States Kaiser Family Foundation
Medicaid Plans Cover Doctors’ Visits, Hospital Care — And Now Your GED Kaiser Health News
Americans pay top prices for health care and the bill keeps rising The Baltimore Sun
The Psychiatrist Can See Your Child Now, Virtually Wall Street Journal
As Hospitals Post Sticker Prices Online, Most Patients Will Remain Befuddled Kaiser Health News
How The Government Shutdown Affects Health Programs Kaiser Health News
Affordable Care Act to remain in place during appeals to Texas Ruling FierceHealthcare
Patient-Centered Care Key for Pain Management in Opioid Crisis: The Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force calls for patient-centered and comprehensive approaches to pain management. Patient Engagement HIT
To better treat patients, hospitals should keep the family close Tampa Bay Times
Number of primary care doctors in First State trending down Delaware State News


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