University of Illinois CHECK program

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Champaign, IL
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The University of Illinois is receiving a $19.6 million federal grant to test a medical care model that focuses on poor children and young adults with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

University of Illinois CHECK, will establish and build a “medical neighborhood” model to address the lack of access to care in medically underserved areas on the West and South sides of Chicago. CHECK employs 30 community health workers to connect patients and their families to the primary care doctors, specialists, mental health clinicians and others who can help them. Teams led by nurses and social workers would coordinate the care to prevent duplication of services, and all the parts of the network would be knit together with an IT system that would facilitate sharing of information and communication between providers.

U of I's pilot will draw about 6,000 Medicaid recipients up to age 25 with a chronic disease like asthma, diabetes, depression or sickle-cell anemia or at least two or more minor chronic diseases, such as epilepsy. Enrollees come from the ranks of patients signed up in UI Health Plus, U of I's accountable care entity, or ACE, a managed care program for people on Medicaid.

Last updated November 2014
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