Tri-State Child Health Improvement Consortium (T-CHIC) - Oregon

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Portland, OR
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The Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership (OPIP) is a key partner in the Tri-State Children's Health Improvement Consortium (T-CHIC). The Tri-state Children's Health Improvement Consortium (T-CHIC) is an alliance between the Medicaid/CHIP programs of Alaska, Oregon, and West Virginia formed with the goal of markedly improving children's health care quality. In February 2010, the Oregon-led consortium was awarded nearly $11.3 million over a 5 year period by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) via CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grants. Through this opportunity, the T-CHIC is using a variety of strategies to demonstrate the impact that different ways of delivering health care and health care information can have on a child's health. This project aims to drive continuous quality improvement in child health care by:

  • Improving children's health and health care quality measurement;
  • Integrating Health Information Technology (HIT) systems; and
  • Developing the best models of health care delivery for children and their families 

OPIP is leading the Medical Home Quality Improvement, Measurement and Evaluation: OPIP is responsible for designing the Medical Home Office Report Tool (MHORT), the implementation processes, and for analyzing and reporting the MHORT data. A key part of this work is using the MHORT findings to guide and refine the practice-level improvement efforts and to inform the policy-level efforts needed to support medical homes. Additionally, OPIP is leading the ECHO Learning Collaborative, with is the primary provider-based improvement model being implemented in Oregon.

Last updated March 2014
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