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Reported Outcomes


HealthPartners is a nonprofit insurer working to improve the health of their members, patients and the community by providing the best care and best experience at a more affordable cost. According to a 2009 industry report, "HealthPartners was the first organization of its type to be recognized as a medical home." Through the HealthPartners BestCare program, the insurer is:

In 2011, HealthPartners joined Park Nicollet’s Pioneer Accountable Care Organization. The ACO, which cares for 12,100 Medicare patients, met or exceeded goals on 33 quality measures in 2013 improving care and efficiency that reduced medical costs by $3.1 million.

Fewer ED / Hospital Visits: 

HealthPartners industry report (2009)

  • 39% reduction in emergency room visits 
  • 24% reduction in hospital admissions
  • 40% reduction in readmission rates
  • 30% reduction in length of stay 
Improved Health: 

HealthPartners industry report (2009)

  • increase of 129% of patients receiving optimal diabetes care over 4 years
  • increase of 48% of patients receiving optimal heart disease care over 4 years
Improved Patient/Clinician Satisfaction: 

HealthPartners industry report (2009)

  • 98% of patients would recommend HealthPartners
Improved Access: 

HealthPartners industry report (2009)

  • 350% reduction in appointment waiting times over 4 years
Cost Savings: 

Journal of Ambulatory Care Management (January 2011)

  • Savings of $1,282 for outpatient costs and $2378 (4.4%) for total costs for patients using 11 or more medications

HealthPartners industry report (2009)

  • The outpatient case management program for behavioral health patients decreased inpatient costs by almost 20%.
Last updated April 2015
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