Children's Healthcare Improvement Collaboration (CHIC) - Utah

Program Location: 
Salt Lake City, UT
Number of Practices: 
Payer Type: 
Partner Organizations: 
Idaho Medicaid
Utah Medicaid
Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)
Intermountain’s Institute for Health Care Delivery Research
Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality (UPIQ)

Utah and Idaho will develop a regional quality system guided by the medical home model to enable and assure ongoing improvement in the healthcare of children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP programs. The project will focus on improving health outcomes for children and youth with special health care needs through the use electronic health records, health information exchanges, and other health information technology tools. The States plan to pilot a new administrative service using Medical Home Coordinators embedded in primary and sub-specialty care practices to support ongoing improvements in care, coordination of care, and support for children with chronic and complex conditions and their families. Utah and Idaho also plan to use learning collaboratives, practice coaches, and parent partners to train primary and sub-specialty child health practices in medical home concepts. The ultimate outcome will be improved health care for children in the two States, robust integration of health information technology into child health practices, and a regional quality system and valuable quality improvement tools and resources that can be shared with other States and regions. 

Last updated March 2014
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