No 'I' in Team: New Shared Principles to Provide Framework for the Future of Person-Centered, Team-Based Primary Care

*Exclusive to PCPCC Executive Members

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Tuesday Sep 27, 2016 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm EDT
United States

Each month PCPCC executive members are invited to participate in exclusive monthly briefings to discuss internal and external developments, including strategic planning, public policy developments, and new program initiatives. Briefings occur monthly on the last Tuesday of the month from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM ET. 

Here's an overview of the Sept. 2016 executive member brieifing: 

What unites us in our collective vision to make advanced primary care foundational to U.S. health system reform? What does person-centered, team-based primary care actually mean to patients, payers, and health care providers? How do we ensure our movement is inclusive of all stakeholders that care about primary care? 

Get the "inside scoop" on the forthcoming shared principles for person-centered, team-based primary care that will be released later this fall by the PCPCC and FMA Health. 

Please join us for this exclusive PCPCC executive member briefing where you will be among the first to hear the details of this exciting multi-stakeholder effort. You will also have the opportunity to engage in the project, which will help set the future agenda of the PCPCC’s work.

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