URAC Webinar: Patient Centered Health Care Home Practice Achievement Program - Nov 29

Thursday Nov 29, 2012 02:00 pm EST

Free WebinarThursday, Nov 29, 20122:00-3:00pm ETURAC developed its Patient Centered Health Care Home (PCHCH) Programs to educate and guide health care practices, and/or their sponsoring health plans, insurers, and pilot programs in transforming into truly patient centered health care homes. URAC’s PCHCH Practice Achievement Program evaluates practices on evolving levels of success across 28 key URAC PCHCH Standards.This complimentary webinar will:1. Introduce attendees to the PCHCH Programs2. Provide information about the PCHCH Practice Achievement and the two recognition levels:- PCHCH Achievement- PCHCH Achievement with Electronic Health Records (certified EHR and standards aligned with Meaningful Use)3. Identify key steps to get you started- Distinguish mandatory achievement standards- Identify PCHCH Practice Achievement EHR standards

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