New Health Partnerships: Improving Care by Engaging Patients

Doriane C. Miller, MD, Director, Center for Community Health and Vitality, University of Chicago Medical CenterJudith Schaefer, MPH, Research Associate, MacColl Institute, Group Health Research Institute.Dr. Miller and Ms. Schaefer lead New Health Partnerships, a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and built and supported by individuals and organizations that believe that patients and families, in partnership with health care providers, can transform care for long-term conditions. They will be discussing collaborative self-management support, and how clinicians, partnering with their patients, use tools and brief supportive interventions to systematically increase patients' skills and confidence in managing their health problems. Dr. Miller and Ms. Schaefer will provide the participants with an operational definition of collaborative self management support, the evidence base behind it, the business case for pursuing it, and how it can be implemented in office practice. They will also discuss some system change strategies, such as team-based care, shared care plans, and connecting with the community, that have been critical to practices success in implementing collaborative self management support.

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