PCPCC Website Walkthough

The Primary Care Collaborative launched its redesigned website, pcpcc.net in March 2010. This Webinar goes over a few of the new features of the collaborative site.Presenters:Edwina Rogers, JD, Executive Director, Primary Care CollaborativeSandy Mau, Vice President of Communications, Health2 ResourcesLoren Vandergrift, Director of IT, Primary Care Collaborative

Best Practices in Engaging Consumers CCE

This webinar goes over Best Practices in Engaging Consumers. The source files are unavailable and the quality is lower then webinars that have come later.

New Health Partnerships: Improving Care by Engaging Patients

Doriane C. Miller, MD, Director, Center for Community Health and Vitality, University of Chicago Medical CenterJudith Schaefer, MPH, Research Associate, MacColl Institute, Group Health Research Institute.Dr. Miller and Ms. Schaefer lead New Health Partnerships, a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and built and supported by individuals and organizations that believe that patients and families, in partnership with health care providers, can transform care for long-term conditions.

Colorado Multi-Payer Medical Home Pilot - A Year in Review

Stakeholders from the Colorado pilot cover the structure of their pilot, milestones, measures, data, and the technical assistance provided to participating practices. A patient speaks about her involvement in the pilot, a practice and hospital will share their work on strengthening communication between the hospital and practice/provider and a practice care coordinator discusses the work being done to improve coordination of care within their medical neighborhood. 

The Regional Extension Center (REC) and Beacon Communities

The Primary Care Collaborative Centers for eHealth Adoption and Exchange and the Center for Multi-Stakeholder Demonstrations is pleased to offer a timely webinar regarding Two HITECH programs: The Regional Extension Center (REC) and Beacon Communities. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) was signed into law in 2009. The HITECH Act represents an investment in improved care delivery and patient care through an investment in health information technology (HIT) and technical support for provider adoption and implementation.

The PCMH Experience at Summit Medical Group in Knoxville

Summit Medical Group is one of the largest private primary groups in the U.S. and, with over 140 NCQA recognized PCMH physicians, one of the largest medical homes in the country. Summit's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Curnow, will discuss their proactive strategy for Medical Home implementation and the importance of aligning this process with the organizations overall vision/mission. Dr. Curnow will review the basic components of Summit's PCMH model, engagement/initiation of a pilot with private payor, as well as opportunities and challenges associated with PCMH pilot implementation.

Successful IT and PCMH Recognition Implementation

There was overwhelming positive feedback for the final roundtable at the October 21 PCPCC Summit in Washington, DC. You may recall that this segment was unceremoniously interrupted by a building fire alarm and many attendees had to leave shortly after to catch flights home. Well, you spoke - and we listened about your recommendations to re-present this panel as a national webinar.

Meaningful Connections: Supporting Patient-Centered Medical Care Through Connected Health IT

Dr. Kibbe will describe the political and economic environment within which new models of patient-centered health care delivery, including the PCMH and ACO, are emerging. Alongside patient-centeredness, the "big idea" within these new frameworks is the assumption of both clinical and financial risk by providers and their organizations. Accountability for both quality and costs of care requires that providers choose health IT resources empowered by new insights regarding the tasks to be achieved and the available innovations in the market.

Care Coordination Taskforce - Successes of the PSPC

The Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC), sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), is a breakthrough effort to improve the quality of health care across America by integrating evidence-based clinical pharmacy services into the care and management of high-risk, high-cost, complex patients.

E-Health Records Enhanced Quality Improvement Insights from NYC Department of Health

Dana Stephenson, MPHQuality Improvement Specialist Primary Care Information ProjectNYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Topics Covered:• The unrealized promise of EHRs as quality improvement tools• EHR functionality for enhancing practices' capacity to provide patient-centered, continuous, coordinated care and to improve population health• A brief history of the New York City Primary Care Information Project (PCIP) and an overview of the suite of services available to PCIP members • Insights from the QI Team: Learn how the Quality Improvement Team works with primary care physicians t


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