Patient Portals and Primary Care: What Use of a Portal Could Mean for Your Patients

On October 2, 2019, PCPCC hosted the webinar, "Patient Portals and Primary Care: What use of a portal could mean for your patients" in which Mary Reed, DrPH, research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research presented findings from some of her latest research on patient portal use. She was joined by Lisa Letourneau, MD, MPH, an experienced physician and public health advocate to hear the physician perspective on the findings, as well as Rosalin Cox, a patient who was involved in conducting the research.

Primary Care Measurement: What's Working and What's Not

In the webinar “Primary Care Measurement: What’s Working and What’s Not” as Rebecca Etz, PhD, Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Population Health and Co-Director, The Larry A. Green Center, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and Amir Qaseem, MD, PhD, Vice President, Clinical Policy, American College of Physicians, discuss the pros and cons of the person-centered primary care measure and how it can be utilized to assess the aspects of care thought to represent high-value primary care by patients, clinicians, and payers.

Communication about Overuse with Vulnerable Populations

Dr. Lisa Letourneau and Kelly Rand from the Choosing Wisely campaign share recent research on implementing in a safety net setting including a new toolkit created for this setting and insights learned from focus groups on communicating about overuse to patients who have historically been marginalized from care.


  • Lessons Learned in Safety Net Implementation  
  • Lessons Learned in Messaging to Vulnerable populations 

Patient and Family Panels: Inspiring and Energizing Staff and Clinicians

This webinar supports ambulatory physicians and staff in planning and facilitating successful patient and family panels to foster change and improvement and rediscover joy in practice.

Learning Objectives:

Lifestyle Matters: Key Strategies to Improve Health for those with Chronic Conditions

Two leading experts discuss strategies beyond conventional medicine to help people with chronic conditions heal by focusing on their lifestyle and health behaviors.

Choosing Wisely Implementation across Georgia

As much as 30% of care delivered in the U.S. is duplicative, unnecessary, and has limited benefits to patients.

Why does this happen?
Because healthcare providers and patients are busy. It may seem challenging to take on a new initiative like the Choosing Wisely implementation, even when it can decrease the prevalence of medical overuse. However, it will ultimately save time, lower costs, and most importantly, provide patients with the best, most appropriate care.

Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care

Hear experts speak about strategies to ensure emerging technologies strengthen relationships and team-based primary care, while also reducing administrative burden and maintaining security.

Integrating Patient Family Engagement into Choosing Wisely Implementation

This webinar features stories from patient advisors about their experiences collaborating with practices to implement the Choosing Wisely Program.  


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