Leadership Tools To Meet The Adaptive Challenges Of PCMH Transformation

The demands for transformation in primary care are high. Clinician leaders and administrative partners lead this change, but their usual methods are better suited to technical adjustment than adaptive challenge. This is the story of implementing a practical set of leadership tools robust enough to embrace change and actively involve the entire organization in its own transformation. Speakers: Macaran A.

Engagement and Innovations: Lesson Community Transformation

 Hear from our two speakers as they discuss the how community collaboration, partnerships and engagement are promoting patient-centered medical home and continuous transformation in care delivery in New Jersey. Kevin Maher, Director Clinical Innovation from  Horizon Healthcare Innovation, a subsidiary of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey whose mission is to change and improve the health care system. Mr. Maher is responsible for the creation and launch of the various pilots with our providers, consumers and hospital.  Dr. Bob Eidus,  a board certified family physician.

Affinity's Medical Home Journey - Operational, Clinical, and Financial Perspectives

How do you take a major concept—the medical home—and successfully roll it out to a medical group with more than 1,000 employees and 26 locations? After more than a year of research and planning, Affinity Medical Group launched its first medical home pilot site in 2009. Looking for creative, local solutions to the national shortage of primary care physicians and dedicated to continuously improving quality, outcomes, and patient satisfaction, Affinity chose the medical home.

Christine Hunter on the Military Heallth System and the PCMH

This discussion will begin with an historical overview of the conditions within the Military Health System (MHS) that led to the policy decision from senior leadership to explore and develop the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). It will point out that stressors associated with multiple deployments and sustained military operations led to increased pressures on access and continuity with the MHS's primary care portals, particularly in the direct care military treatment facilities (MTFs).

Colorado Multi-Payer Medical Home Pilot - A Year in Review

Stakeholders from the Colorado pilot cover the structure of their pilot, milestones, measures, data, and the technical assistance provided to participating practices. A patient speaks about her involvement in the pilot, a practice and hospital will share their work on strengthening communication between the hospital and practice/provider and a practice care coordinator discusses the work being done to improve coordination of care within their medical neighborhood. 

The PCMH Experience at Summit Medical Group in Knoxville

Summit Medical Group is one of the largest private primary groups in the U.S. and, with over 140 NCQA recognized PCMH physicians, one of the largest medical homes in the country. Summit's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Curnow, will discuss their proactive strategy for Medical Home implementation and the importance of aligning this process with the organizations overall vision/mission. Dr. Curnow will review the basic components of Summit's PCMH model, engagement/initiation of a pilot with private payor, as well as opportunities and challenges associated with PCMH pilot implementation.


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