Kearsarge Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

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Healthcare Consulting/Health Data Management
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Michael Deyett, MHA
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888-783-5280 ext 700
Consulting: KHC helps practices with operational workflows, general business operations, and financial performance. KHC compares EHR applications and defines application gaps, and practice work flows. KHC assesses billing processes and software of EMR companies, insurance, and practices to help with restructuring and retooling. From the front office to the back office, KHC assessments have changed the way practices manage their business. Healthcare Information Technology: KHC leverages their strong medical information technology background to focus on serving medical group practices. We are a PQRI registry. We submit quality data reporting to CMS, Insurance plans, and Hospitals. We have used healthcare information to develop physician profiling tools and reports utilizing case mix methodologies, episode treatment groupers, and industry leading healthcare metrics. We have empowered practices through EHR selection, financing, implementation and data conversions. We offer data repositories and warehousing custom built to client specifications and needs.
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Scott Thomas; 314-288-5589 Central Ohio Primary Care; Bill Wulf; 614-865-8011 Martin’s Point; Jeff Bland; 207-856-1819
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