Hooper Holmes, Inc.

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Remote/Local Healthcare Services
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Burt Wolder
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Founded in 1899, Hooper Holmes engages patients and collects health information needed to enable wellness, prevention and new models of patient-centered medical care. Our services are designed to extend the reach of providers, expand access to care, fill gaps and promote early risk identification. To do this, we leverage our national network of 9,000 local medical professionals, at-home laboratory test kits manufactured and tested by our Kansas City lab, and our call centers in Kansas City and Omaha. We provide a complete health screening service including scheduling, fulfillment of supplies, blood collection kits, medical screenings, lab testing and data transmission. We help healthcare organizations reach patients anywhere, gather health data on entire populations, assess health risks and target interventions. Services include biometric screenings; on-site health coaching; transitions in care support services; at-home tests for diabetes and other disease markers; Portamedic® remote blood draw and exam services.
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Healthways; Nathan King; 615-614-4803 Nationwide Better Health; Bill Zahn; 410-919-7417 Bravo Wellness; Jim Pshock; 440-934-9821
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