Research efforts are a critical part of advancing primary care. Whether those efforts are focused on clinical care, healthcare services, or payment reform, the research is essential in furthering the Shared Principles of Primary Care. In addition, the research can help build a base of proven data, showing that improving the quality and patient-centeredness of primary care lead to better health outcomes. 


Some of the recent research efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary care investment at the state level
  • EHR 
  • Social support


Estimated Effect on Life Expectancy of Alleviating Primary Care Shortages in the United States | November 2021
Association of Primary Care Physician Supply with Population Mortality in the United States, 2005-2015 | November 2021
Evaluation of the Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods and Clinical Care Project: Findings from Implementing a New Lay Role into | November 2021
Effect of community health worker support on clinical outcomes of low-income patients across primary care facilities: a randomiz | November 2021
High Levels of Capitation Payments Needed to Shift Primary Care Toward Proactive Team and Nonvisit Care | November 2021

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