Behavioral Health

The case for behavioral health integration into primary care is a clear one. As America’s behavioral health delivery system becomes overburdened with things like increased suicide rates and the opioid crisis, even those insured patients are having trouble reaching the care they need. Primary care presents a clear opportunity to meet these patients. As primary care clinicians have an ongoing relationship with their patients, they are in a position to recognize potential behavioral health concerns and help patients find the right type of care. Utilizing the healthcare team will not only effectively get behavioral healthcare to those who need it, but also reduce the burden of behavioral health professionals.


The PCC has long shown a commitment to increasing behavioral healthcare in the primary care space. In 2018 the PCC created the Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration Workgroup, with the goal to bring experts from both fields together to more clearly identify the needs of behavioral health, and the potential opportunities for primary care to step in. In addition, the PCC provided a set of consensus recommendations with state leaders on how states have the potential to serve as an example. 

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