Patient, Family, and Clinician Partner Training

Materials from November, 2016 PCPCC Support and Alignment Network Training Session

The PCPCC’s Support and Alignment Network (SAN) assists practice improvement teams to foster partnerships with patients, family caregivers, community-based organizations and clinicians to achieve common goals of improved care, better health, and reduced costs.In November, 2016 the PCPCC SAN offered a special one-day training for patient advisors, family caregivers and their clinician partners. Contact the PCPCC SAN for information on a customized training for your PTN. The PCPCC training gave patients and providers the knowledge and tools needed to create and sustain meaningful partnerships in various health care settings. Participants:

  • Learned best practices for integrating patient- and family-centered care into practice quality improvement and care redesign efforts.
  • Discovered opportunities that support clinicians in improving patient-centered care in their practice.
  • Worked directly with expert faculty from the Institute of Patient- and Family- Centered Care (IPFCC), Planetree, and the YMCA of the USA to develop an action plan that includes strategies and ideas for strengthening patient and clinician partnerships.
  • Connected and shared information with other patient advisors and clinicians actively involved in this work.
  • Applied various training tools, including concepts from the Person and Family-Centered Care Design featured in the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) Change Package, to guide future coordinated efforts with their care team
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