How to conduct a "walk-about" in primary care from the patient and family perspective


One way to begin working with patients and families in planning for improvement is to explore your primary care setting through the eyes of patients and their families. A “walk-about” is an activity that can be used to obtain patient and family perspectives. If you have patients and families who are advisors within your program, ask them to participate in the activity. If you don’t currently have any patient or families identified as advisors, invite several patients and families who receive care in your facility. Typically it requires two or three invitations to secure the participation of one patient or family member. It is helpful to have two or three patient and family perspectives for this “walk-about”. Select patients and families who are willing to share their opinions. Refer to the resource titled Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Primary Care and Other Ambulatory Settings — How to Get Started, Part V: Selecting, Preparing and Supporting Patient and Family Advisors in Primary Care and Other Ambulatory Settings for detailed recruitment guidance.

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