2012 Results Show Horizon BCBSNJ’s Patient-Centered Practices Delivering Better, Cost-Effective Health Care

Horizon BCBSNJ compared how health care was delivered to 70,000 members in patient-centered practices to the health care delivered to members in other primary care practices. The results showed impressive improvements in care and reduced costs to those members in the Program, including:
Providing Better Care

  • 5 percent higher rate in improved diabetes control (HbA1c).
  • 3 percent higher rate in breast cancer screenings.
  • 11 percent higher rate in pneumonia vaccinations.

Utilization and Cost Measures

  • 23 percent lower rate in hospital inpatient admissions.
  • 12 percent lower rate in Emergency Room (ER) visits.
  • 9 percent lower cost of care for diabetic patients.

“Under this collaborative medical home program, patient care coordinators have helped to create personalized care plans for patients at high risk of complications from their illnesses, which is working to produce improved quality outcomes,” said Dr. Roger Thompson of Integrated Medicine Alliance in Monmouth County. “This initiative has helped us deliver proactive outreach programs to discover obstacles to proper care, fill gaps in care, and to engage patients and encourage participation in making their own health care decisions.”
Participating physicians in the Program focus on actively improving care coordination among a patient’s treating physicians as well as promoting preventive and wellness care. Horizon BCBSNJ members in the Program receive:

  • Quality, personalized and team-based care led by a physician.
  • Coordinated care, from start to finish.
  • Receive follow-up primary care immediately after an ER visit or hospital discharge.
  • Improved access to care when needed most.
  • Enhanced communications with their care team.
  • Wellness and preventive care based on national guidelines.
  • Extra support and resources – including health education.
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