Sean Lyon

Sean Lyon joined the staff of LifeLongCare, Inc. in October, 2006. Sean completed his graduate education to be certified as a Nurse Practitioner in 1995 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His studies were focused on family practice. Work as a Nurse Practitioner developed out of a passion for understanding health and lifestyle. After volunteering and working in emergency medicine in rural settings of New Hampshire and Alaska, the potential for prevention and care through nursing was pursued. This has allowed for primary interests in nutrition and mental health to be integrated with training in 2003 through the AFMCP program in functional medicine. Ongoing studies in genetic potentials continue with clinical services offered to patients including functional medicine testing. Balancing interest with daily life has been changing over the years as he exchanged mountain climbing in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies with a recent jaunt up Huntington's Ravine of Mt. Washington. He is an active member of the Grantham Woodworker's Group and has contributed to numerous non-profits through his professional experience as a grantwriter. He resides in Springfield with his wife, Janice and dogs, Diva and Sammy. The empty nest has started as his son, Gabe, began his studies at WPI.

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