Pranav Kothari

Dr. Pranav Kothari has spent his career developing ideas to better serve the health care needs of consumers through more affordable, higher quality health care. He is a founder of Renaissance Health, an organization designing and implementing innovative models of care. He is a lead developer of the Ambulatory Intensive Caring Unit (AICU) and the Video Visit Booth concept, innovative models of care (initially developed with support from the California Health Care Foundation) that are being piloted with large entities across the United States, including the Boeing Company and UNITE HERE. In addition to AICU models, Renaissance Health leads the design of scaled medical home pilots for a variety of populations, including the underserved and uninsured. Dr. Kothari co-founded the original Renaissance Health internal medicine “lab” practice near Boston—a very early medical home model that tested new ideas, technologies and applications and conducted rapid-cycle innovations. He also organized the Innovators Roundtable, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported roundtable of primary care innovators.Prior to Renaissance Health, Dr. Kothari led the Harvard Forums on Health, a cross-discipline national series on American health care challenges, highlighting innovative solutions to problems facing the health care system.Dr. Kothari has executive experience serving as Medical Director at the Advisory Board Company, a think tank and consulting firm in Washington, DC that serves a clientele of over 2000 U.S. and international hospitals. He managed the design and launch of the e-Hospital Program, a frontier initiative to develop the best consumer health navigation tools coupled with the smartest implementation within a health system. He also served as Director of Strategic Research for the Atlantic Media Company, the publishing house of The Atlantic Monthly, The National Journal, Government Executive, and Hotline. He received his M.D. from the University of Michigan and clinical training at Georgetown University.

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