Blair Childs

As senior vice president of public affairs for the Premier healthcare alliance, Blair Childs is the primary spokesperson and communications strategist for Premier on key issues and serves as liaison to the U.S. Congress, White House, healthcare policymakers, and other major bodies involved in healthcare policy and regulation. Based in Washington, D.C., Childs leads Premier's Advocacy, Communications and Conferences units and serves on the company's executive team.Childs has been at the center of policy issues in Washington, DC, for more than two decades, playing a leading role on issues impacting medical devices, pharmaceuticals, insurers and hospitals. Childs has been involved in developing and enacting Medicare and health reform legislation as well as leading the medical technology industry's development of a Code of Ethics. He is a respected and well-recognized expert on health policy and advocacy. Childs has held senior management positions in professional, trade and advocacy associations and a Fortune 50 company. Prior to joining Premier, he was executive vice president of strategic planning and implementation for AdvaMed, the Advanced Medical Technology Association. Childs has been responsible for organizing and leading public policy advocacy programs at the state and national levels on some of the nation's most visible and complex issues over the last two decades, including tort, Medicare and healthcare reform.

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