Southeast Health Center

Practice Description: 

Southeast Health Center (SEHC) is a full service health clinic that provides affordable, comprehensive and quality care to people of all ages. Located in the Bayview Hunter’s Point area since 1979, they provide care for common illnesses, high blood pressure, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Additional services such as confidential HIV testing and counseling, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, and mental, mental, and vision care are also provided. 

The Southeast Health Center operates under the San Francisco Health Network, which believes that patients must be active participants in the decision- making process of the health care they receive. Care that is truly patient-centered considers patients’ cultural traditions, their personal preferences and values, their family situations and their lifestyles. It makes the patient and their loved ones an integral part of the care team who collaborate with health care professionals in making clinical decisions.

Partnership Activities: 
  • Patient/family satisfaction surveys
  • Patients/Families involved in quality improvement team
  • Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Educational and/or care management tools offered to patients/families
Practice Details
PFE Metrics: 
Health Literacy
Support for Patient & Family Voices
Practice Setting: 
Practice Type: 
Not-for-profit practice
Owned by larger organization
Primary Care Practice Type: 
Mixed primary care (i.e. internal medicine and pediatrics)
PTN/SAN Enrolled Practice: 
Practice Affiliated With: 
Practice Location
2401 Keith Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
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