Hagan, Rinehart, & Connolly Pediatricians

This practice partners with patients and families in the following ways: 

  • During the decision-making process in planning the new space, providers and staff solicited the comments and suggestions of patient families.
  • As a result of the practice’s affiliation with the University of Vermont College of Medicine, families have the opportunity to be involved in medical student and resident education.
  • The Families FIRST (Families Involved in Resident/Student Training) curriculum, developed in collaboration with the local Parent to Parent organization and the pediatric residency program at Vermont Children’s Hospital, is part of the pediatric resident and medical student experience, allowing families to speak to future health care providers about home care issues and care coordination efforts from a non-provider perspective.
  • Families with (children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) serve as “family faculty members,” taking part in lectures and hosting home visit opportunities for medical students and residents. The practice solicits family feedback either one-on-one or in ad-hoc group settings when new initiatives or practice changes are being considered.

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with patients and families can be found here. 

Partnership Activities: 
  • Patients/families involved in practice redesign

This practice partners with community-based organizations in the following ways: 

  • Practice providers utilize a RN care coordinator to link families with medical home services and to organize face-to-face collaborative meetings known as care conferences, which bring together families, medical providers, educators, and other community service providers to discuss care issues for CYSHCN.

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with community-based organizations can be found here. 

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Primary care practice
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128 Lakeside Ave, Suite 115
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