Children’s Medical Group–Southwest Pediatrics

This practice partners with patients and families in the following ways: 

  • Practice convenes a Parent Advisory Board
    • meetings are on a weekday evening every six weeks
    • at the onset, there was a small stipend provided, but it is now volunteer based
  • To provide support to families, Southwest Pediatrics partners with a community psychologist to host a support group that meets every 2 months for parents with children diagnosed with ADHD. 
  • In an effort to engage with parents, share information about community resources, and educate families and community members on specific health topics, the practice hosts parent resource meetings quarterly at the public library located across the street from the practice 
    • while educating parents, physicians hear first-hand accounts of parents’ experiences accessing community resources 
    • these meetings are also well attended by daycare providers, teachers, special needs educators, and community member
  • Families have access to a community resource center in the office lobby

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with patients and families can be found here

Partnership Activities: 
  • Patient and/or family support groups
  • Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Educational and/or care management tools offered to patients/families

This practice partners with community-based organizations in the following ways: 

  • The patient and family advisory council, in partnership with the practice, releases a newsletter that informs families about community resources and events 
  • A representative from a local community-based organization serves on the parent advisory council

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with community-based organizations can be found here

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Health Literacy
Support for Patient & Family Voices
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Primary care practice
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3610 Michelle Witmer Memorial Dr, Ste 100
New Berlin, WI 53151
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