Child Health Care Clinic

This practice partners with patients and families in the following ways: 

  • increase in specific communication tools for patients and families include a bulletin board that is updated by the care coordination nurse at least once a month with information and notices for families; 
  • establishing focus groups and the Primary Care Assessment Tool surveys have proven to be the best means for obtaining meaningful input from families and gathering specific ideas for practice improvement; 
  • clinic designed a notebook (a 3-ring binder with labeled sections including resource lists and the child’s care plan) to help families organize and keep track of information about their child’s health; 
  • families are provided with educational materials during clinical encounters; 
  • recent EMR upgrades allow for a family language preference is now a recorded field used regularly during the nurse intake process as well as a section in the electronic care plan template to note cultural or religious preferences; 
  • focus groups led by parents of patients; input from families is sought through patient satisfaction surveys, the Primary Care Assessment Tool–Child Version, and the Medical Home Family Index (MHFI).

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with patients and families can be found here. 

Partnership Activities: 
  • Patient/family satisfaction surveys
  • Patients/Families involved in quality improvement team

This practice partners with community-based organizations in the following ways: 

  • Clinic established a relationship with the local health department nurse who offers recommendations for health care resources and other resources and services to meet each family’s specific needs and assists in the referral process to augment clinic effort 
  • clinic invites staff from community services and other organizations to conduct presentations at biweekly practice-level staff meetings

A comprehensive summary of how this practice partners with community-based organizations can be found here. 

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Support for Patient & Family Voices
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Primary care practice
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