Primary Care Innovators Network Overview

How the Primary Care Collaborative & Primary Care Innovators Network Work Together

In May 2019, the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) began hosting the Primary Care Innovators Network (PCIN). Since 2008, PCIN, a partnership among Family Medicine for America’s Health, the Family Medicine Education Consortium, and Jed Constantz, Dr. B.A., an independent healthcare consultant focused on advanced primary care, have been working to strengthen the foundation of primary care through innovative payment and care delivery.

What is PCIN

PCIN efforts are directed at self-insured employers and the primary care practices serving the employees of those organizations to prepare for and put into practice a new payment and delivery model for primary care. This model of advanced primary care aligns well with the PCC’s Shared Principles of Primary Care. The model is financed through a “prospective” Comprehensive Primary Care Payment (CPCP) where payment is made upfront to deliver a defined set of services to patients versus the “retrospective” fee-for-service payment model. 

Specifically, the PCIN team works to:

  • Enable self-insured employers, insurers, and other willing payers to build the systems and supports – including but not limited to assessment tools, resources, payment models, and benefit design -- needed to provide enhanced primary care solutions in a CPCP framework to employees.
  • Ensure that primary care practices working with those self-insured employers and insurance carriers have the support they need to provide enhanced primary care solutions in a CPCP framework to employees. For many practices, this involves retraining staff and clinicians in a new model of care delivery that diverges significantly from the fee-for-service model.
  • Foster appropriate financial incentives and rewards that are aligned across the delivery system and that the right metrics are implemented, monitored, and incorporated into the payment models to promote achievement of the comprehensive primary care model promise.

Value of a PCC and PCIN Partnership

A major policy priority for PCC is leveraging state leaders to shift more resources into advanced primary care models, including the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). In order for this to be successful, PCC leaders agree that more investment is needed as well as movement away from fee-for-service payment. Thus, this new relationship with PCIN serves as an innovation hub to illustrate and augment these policy/advocacy leadership goals of PCC.

In partnership with PCIN, PCC serves as a neutral convener of leaders engaged in testing new primary care payment/delivery models while garnering attention, engagement, and new members. The PCC’s reputation as an innovator, its trustworthiness across diverse stakeholders, and the leadership of its board and existing members in the primary care arena, are all important assets.   

PCC, while actively supporting efforts that enhance the robustness of the PCMH, continues to partner with leaders in the field to experiment with other ways to deliver and pay for primary care.

How does PCC Work with PCIN

The PCC provides three foundational elements to this new partnership:

  • Serves as a thought leader and neutral convener to shape the evolution of the model – PCC engages and convenes stakeholders to further develop and transform this primary care delivery and payment model.
  • Provides visibility and connections – PCC supports branding visibility, communications, stakeholder outreach, and materials development.
  • Serves as the administrative host organization – PCC hosts the partnership on its website, manages payments for services provided, disperses reimbursement for travel expenses, and provides additional administrative services.

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