Crisis as Catalyst: Reimagining Primary Care (day 1)

PCC 2020 Virtual Annual Conference

Primary Care Collaborative

Monday Nov 30, 2020 11:00 am to 06:00 pm EST
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United States

Dates and tentative hours for PCC's Virtual Annual Conference

The program will be heavily shaped by the major events of 2020 – the coronavirus pandemic, national conversations about racism and racial and economic equity, and the November general election. All of these events have had an impact on primary care and have resulted in both positive and not-so-positive changes. The conference will consider these questions and more: 

  • What do these changes mean for primary care in the present and future?
  • How can we use these times to make permanent reforms to primary care payment and care delivery and rebuild it into something even better?
  • What does equity in health care look like, and how can primary care play a leading role in addressing disparities?
  • What is primary care’s role relative to public health and how does primary care better connect to the community and provide a more comprehensive set of services? 
  • How can we continue to make a strong foundation of primary care as key to the nation’s health?

Conference planners are building an impressive lineup of speakers who have been addressing these questions and playing a leading role in primary care during these transformative times. Speakers will include leaders, thinkers and experts in policy, health plans, primary care practices, patient care and other areas.
More details on the virtual annual conference will be released as they become available. Watch for details on the conference website, in PCC’s newsletter, emails, and social media channels.


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