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Why Personalized Primary Care Works

Intermountain Healthcare is achieving the Triple Aim through team-based care, mental health integration, and clinician and institutional leadership at all levels.

Health care providers are under tremendous pressure to achieve the Triple Aim of better health for designated populations, better care experiences for patients and reduced cost of care. It comes at a time of enormous transition in health care, in which successful models are hard to find and refine. That's what's so encouraging about the model of personalized primary care that we have been developing at Intermountain Healthcare. The lessons we've already learned are informing our expanding rollout of the model and enhancing the potential for broader scaling.

News Author: 
Mark Briesacher, M.D.

Triple aim shouldn't miss the mark

Right care, right place, right time.

Ask any health policy wonk what modern health care is supposed to be about, and the person will recite that mantra.

The goal is to provide people with the appropriate level of care where it makes the most sense and without overly delaying treatment. The policy folks will say this "triple aim" is the key to reducing costs and improving quality.

News Author: 
Patti Singer

PCPCC Leadership Responds to Latest Medical Home "Systematic Review"

As the leading coalition dedicated to advancing the medical home, the PatientCentered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) offers the following response to the recent article “The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Systematic Review” published in the November 27th issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.  In it the authors conclude that: “current evidence is insufficient to determine [the medical home's] effects on clinical and most economic outcomes.

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