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Inside the Medicare innovation lab's big plans

INSIDE TRUMP'S MEDICARE INNOVATION LAB — The Obamacare-created office empowered to test radical new health care ideas has been mostly quiet under this administration, but that's about to change, POLITICO's Rachel Roubein and Dan Diamond scoop.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is planning to announce three care models this month and at least three more in early 2019, current and former staff tell POLITICO.

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Dan Diamond

Is Primary Care the Best and Worst Job in Medicine?

Primary Care Doctors in the U.S. and the U.K. Talk About Their Rewarding, Maddening Profession

Marty Levine, MD, of Shoreline, Washington, doesn’t practice medicine in the same way that most primary care physicians do today.  He hasn’t worried about billing anyone for two years.  He takes his time with each patient, often lingering over medically irrelevant conversations about patients’ cats or grandkids.

Better together: Medical homes and value-based designs

Patient-centered medical homes are more likely to improve quality of care and reduce costs when they're coupled with value-based insurance designs. Other necessary ingredients include effective clinical information support systems and a strong cross-organization infrastructure, according to a Health Affairs blog post.

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Dina Overland

The Payment Reform Landscape: Payment For Non-Visit Functions And The Medical Home

As I’ve been discussing in Health Affairs Blog each month, payment reforms can pose a spectrum of financial risk for providers, with financial upside only — such as pay-for-performance programs — on one end, and downside-only models — such as nonpayment for care that shouldn’t happen — on the other. In March, we examined pay-for-performance, an-upside only model.  This month, we look at another upside-only model, typically used to support care coordination and patient centered medical homes (PCMH).

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Suzanne Delbanco
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