Interprofessional Primary Care Training Programs Show Progress and Promise

Dec. 11, 2014

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In PCMH, the 'P' is Not for 'Physician'

Remember patients? They are a driver in healthcare transformation—perhaps the most important one.

The Health IT and Quality Exchange that HealthLeaders Media held in La Jolla, California, last week for CMOs, CIOs, and CMIOs was eye-opening on a number of fronts.

The ideas, successes, and challenges that the gathered healthcare leaders shared in our small group sessions illustrated that changing a workflow or a process isn't nearly as important as changing an organization's focus from physicians and payers to patients.

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Jacqueline Fellows

It's Time for Congress to Make Integrated Care Central to the Nation's Patient Experience

The primary objective of our health care system is to ensure that quality health care is readily accessible for patients. However, as health care becomes increasingly entangled in a web of networks, insurers, and providers, the patient’s best interest can get lost.

News Author: 
Robert Margolis

A Health Care Success Story

IT may have been the most influential magazine article of the past decade. In June of 2009, the doctor and writer Atul Gawande published a piece in The New Yorker called “The Cost Conundrum,” which examined why the small border city of McAllen, Tex., was the most expensive place for health care in the United States.

News Author: 
Bob Kocher
Farzad Mostashar
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