Primary Care & COVID-19: Round 30 Survey

Corona Virus

Check back regularly for the latest survey results and updates.
For data from the previous clinician survey, see Round 29 Results.

The Primary Care Collaborative is partnering with the Larry A. Green Center to regularly survey primary care clinicians and patients to better understand the impact of COVID-19 in real time.

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Lessons Learned From Maine’s Nation-Leading Vaccination Efforts

Maine has been a leader in the nation over the past four months, from March through June 2021, in terms of the proportion of its population that has been fully vaccinated. This accomplishment is in spite of several major demographic and infrastructure challenges.

News Author: 
Dora Anne Mills, Joan Boomsma

Biden Urges Docs to 'Reach Out' to Unvaccinated Patients About a COVID Shot

President lays out six-point COVID plan, including vaccine mandates covering 100 million workers

WASHINGTON -- President Biden on Thursday announced a six-point plan for battling the COVID-19 pandemic and appealed directly to physicians for help in getting more Americans vaccinated.

News Author: 
Joyce Frieden

Humana’s chief medical officer and chief health equity officer discuss health disparities

Health disparities continue to impact communities of color, resulting in higher rates of illness and death, both from Covid-19 as well as from many common health conditions. William Shrank, M.D., chief medical officer of Humana [a PCC Executive Member], and Nwando Olayiwola, M.D., MPH, the newly appointed chief health equity officer of Humana [and a new member of PCC's board of directors], discuss what it will take to effectively address these inequities.

Coronavirus Concerns Led More Than 1 in 10 Nonelderly Adults to Delay or Forgo Health Care in Spring 2021

Many adults have gone without needed health care during the COVID-19 pandemic over concerns about being exposed to the novel coronavirus in hospitals, doctors' and dentists' offices, and other healthcare settings. Data from the Urban Institute’s April 2021 Health Reform Monitoring Survey show that 1 in 4 nonelderly adults (24.9 percent) reported delaying or forgoing care for this reason in the past 12 months.

News Author: 
Dulce Gonzalez, Michael Karpman and Jennifer M. Haley

Safest States During COVID-19

WalletHub study

As the U.S. continues its efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic amid a surge in cases caused by variant strains, staying safe is one of Americans’ top concerns. Safety is also essential for getting the economy back on track, as the lower COVID-19 transmission and deaths are in a state, the fewer restrictions there will be and the more confidence people will have to shop in person. While almost all states have fully reopened, we’ll only be able to completely get back to life as normal once most of the population is fully vaccinated against coronavirus. The good news is that the U.S.

News Author: 
Adam McCann

Avalere: Hospitals and corporations own nearly half of U.S. physician practices

COVID-19 Accelerated Ownership Trend, New Analysis Finds

Nearly 70% of U.S. physicians are now employed by hospital systems and corporate entities like private equity firms and health insurers, according to new data by Avalere for the Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI) examining the period between January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2021.

Primary Care & COVID-19: Patient Survey

Round 7
Corona Virus

Check back regularly for the latest survey results and updates.

The Primary Care Collaborative is partnering with the Larry A. Green Center and 3rd Conversation to field regular surveys of primary care clinicians and occasional surveys of primary care patients to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on these groups.

Who replied to the patient survey in round 7?

Veterans Affairs makes covid-19 vaccines mandatory for most health workers, making it first federal agency to do so

The department is giving employees eight weeks to comply. “Whenever a Veteran or VA employee sets foot in a VA facility, they deserve to know that we have done everything in our power to protect them from COVID-19,″ Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough said in a statement.

News Author: 
Dan Diamond


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