Senate Dems threaten to oppose deal on Medicare doc fees

Democratic senators would oppose a potential House bipartisan deal preventing cuts in physicians' Medicare payments if it doesn't finance a children's health program for four years, senior Senate Democratic aides said Sunday.

The aides issued the threat as House bargainers try preventing a 21 percent reduction in doctors' Medicare reimbursements scheduled for April 1. Negotiators want to craft an agreement annulling a 1997 formula that annually threatens deep cuts in those payments.

Incremental Effort Can Craft the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Achieving patient-centered medical home recognition takes time, resources, guidance, and a dedication to holistic practice transformation, but the process doesn’t necessarily have to be a single, big-bang effort. While certain criteria must be met in order to snag the coveted designation from the NCQA or other accrediting bodies, healthcare providers are allowed to work towards their population health management and care coordination goals at their own pace before signing up for an assessment.

News Author: 
Jennifer Bresnick

Millions of children could soon lose their health insurance if Congress doesn’t act

For all the handwringing about what the new Republican-controlled Congress could to do Obamacare, another health insurance program could be dropped entirely if lawmakers don't take action this year: the Children's Health Insurance Program.

News Author: 
Jason Millman

Little action expected on CHIP funding by year-end

Legislative action appears unlikely on the Children's Health Insurance Program during Congress' current lame duck session, despite ongoing pleas from advocates that federal funding for the program be extended as quickly as possible.

“I don't think we expect any movement on this before the end of the year,” said Andrew Wimer, spokesman for Rep. Joe Pitts, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Health.

News Author: 
Virgil Dickinson
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