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Reversal: Kentucky Restoring Medicaid Benefits for Thousands New York Times
VA and IBM Watson Health Extend Partnership to Support Veterans With Cancer US Department of Veterans Affairs
New Study Reveals Stalled Progress Toward Value-Based Care Quest Diagnostics
How Primary Care Docs Are Learning To Treat Mental Illness Honolulu Civil Beat
Preserving Stewardship Of The Patient’s Story
Hidden From View: The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care New York Times
Open Wide: Medical Education With Real Teeth Association of American Medical Colleges
This doctor wants to make sure no patient is out of reach The Blog of Bill Gates
Trump Officials Slash Grants That Help Consumers Get Obamacare Image New York Times
For Delaware's primary care doctors, exciting times are ahead Delaware Online
Texas Clinics Busting Traditional Silos Of Mental And Physical Health Care Kaiser Health News
When Health Insurance Prices Rose Last Year, Around a Million Americans Dropped Coverage New York Times
Kentucky Governor Cancels Medicaid Dental, Vision Benefits After Losing Work Requirement Ruling The Hill
Emergency Rooms Run Out of Vital Drugs, and Patients Are Feeling It
Patient-Centered Research Shows that Disparities in the Treatment of Mental Illness can be Improved Through Services like Compressive Primary Care
CareFirst Patient-Centered Medical Home Program Nets $1.2B In Savings Since 2011 CareFirst
PCPCC and Others Support Greater Information Sharing Requirements for Readmissions, Discharges, and Patient Transfers
Gawande’s Goal Is Providing The ‘Right’ Health Care In New Venture By 3 Firms Kaiser Health News
Sky-High Deductibles Broke the U.S. Health Insurance System: Employers are questioning a system they say costs patients too much Bloomberg
The biggest health care fix: a relentless focus on primary care


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