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Amazon made another bold move into healthcare that went relatively unnoticed Healthcare Finance
Disinvesting In Primary Care?
More primary care, more healthcare services, but lower costs in the long run
The real reason the U.S. spends twice as much on health care as other wealthy countries Washington Post
PCPCC Signs Letter Urging Rapid Action to Stabilize Health Insurance Markets
A Health Plan ‘Down Payment’ Is One Way States Try Retooling Individual Mandate Kaiser Health News
HHS Secretary Alex Azar outlines 4-point plan to accelerate shift toward a value-based system Fierce Healthcare
Why Apple, Amazon, and Google are making big health care moves Vox
PCDC Urges NYS Legislators to Protect PCMH Incentive Program
Healthcare is moving from episodic to 'life-based care' Healthcare IT News
The problem with lack of emphasis on primary care in healthcare
How one US state saved $240 million in health care spending Quartz
Godfather of the Patient Centered Medical Home movement joins nonprofit HealthTeamWorks
Building Momentum to Measure Primary Care Spending The Milbank Memorial Fund
The History, Evolution, and Future of Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations
Apple is launching medical clinics to deliver the 'world's best health care experience' to its employees CNBC
Primary Care Transformation Across The Largest Safety-Net Health System In The United States
Protecting America's Primary Care Safety Net
Immigration With three months left in medical school, her career may be slipping away.
CMS changes impacting primary care for the better


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