Health Literacy

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) identified six key focus areas to measure effective patient and family engagement in clinical practice. The intent of this metric is to ensure that practices are addressing health literacy issues, and have system in place for surveying patients to assess health literacy (e.g., CAHPS Health Literacy Item Set, etc.)

Related Resources

March 2018
The Mayo Clinic Shared Decision Making National Resource Center provides decision aids and decision-making techniques. Tools are available for specific conditions and in English and Spanish. 
Mayo Clinic
March 2018
This webiste includes toolkits for evidence-based health system and population health improvement. 
Patient and Family Engagement Resources
March 2018
Guidelines for which imaging tests providers should, or should not, order for different patient symptoms, medical histories, and health status. The recommendations are reviewed every year using an expert panel. 
American College of Radiology
March 2018
This site contains information for patients to prepare for radiation exams, therapies or procedures. There are over 230 procedure, exam and disease descriptions available. 
Radiological Society of North America, Inc. (RSNA)
March 2018
The Quick Start Guide provides clinicians and practice staff with five simple steps for implementing the teach-back approach in the office setting. 
March 2018
The Quick Start Guide provides clinicians and practice staff with five simple steps to implement a medication management strategy in the office setting.
February 2018
Learning module highlighting steps for developing and implementing health coaching models within practices offered by American Medical Association STEPS Forward. Participants can earn 0.5 CME Credits. 
American Medical Association, AMA Steps Forward
September 2017
Five recorded learning network calls lead by a pediatric quality improvement expert showcasing pediatric practices that have improved asthma care quality, and links to supplemental resources (some in Spanish).
June 2017
About this Guide: When patients and families build partnerships with their health care team – such as doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and clinic staff - to improve health care, everyone benefits! This guide will help you decide if you want to partner with your health care team as...
May 2017
This document provides practical tools, resources, and strategies to test different patient and family engagement approaches and determine the best fit for your primary care practice.
American Academy of Pediatrics, National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home
November 2016
In November 2016, PCPCC offered a special one-day training for patient advisors, family caregivers and their clinician partners. This page contains presentation slides from the sessions, and highlight tools and strategies for implementing patient and family engagement strategies.
March 2016
This change packet was originally created as a guide for practices participating in the Transforming Clinical Practies Initiative. It outlines tangible steps to meet TCPI goals, which align with Quality Payment Program standards. 


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