CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant - Georgia

Program Location: 
Atlanta, GA
Payer Type: 

The State of Georgia, in partnership with Maryland and Wyoming, will receive $2,401,467 for the first year of a five year grant totaling $10,993,171. The three States are committed to improving the health and social outcomes for children with serious behavioral health needs.  The grant will be used to implement and/or expand a Care Management Entity (CME) provider model to improve the quality and better control the cost of care for children with serious behavioral health challenges who are enrolled in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  The CME will incorporate wrap-around services, peer supports, and intensive care coordination.  The participating States will utilize the CME model to improve access to appropriate services, and employ health information technology to support clinical decision making.  The model will also be designed to reduce unnecessary use of costly services, improve clinical and functional outcomes for children and youth with serious behavioral health needs, and involve youth and their families in care decisions.

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