Kitsap Mental Health Services

Program Location: 
Bremerton, WA
Payer Type: 
Partner Organizations: 
Harrison HealthPartners

The goal of the program is to integrate and coordinate services that improve patient health while reducing overall costs. To achieve these goals, Kitsap Mental Health Services (KMHS) will develop a model of integrated mental health, substance use disorder, and primary care services. The grant initiated the creation of five multidisciplinary adult outpatient Care Teams. The Care Teams include case managers, therapists, a co-occurring disorders therapist, psychiatrist or psychiatric ARNP, nurse, medical assistant, and representative staff from housing, employment services and vocational education.  Primary care services are provided on-campus through our partnership with Harrison HealthPartners. These integrative efforts reconnect the head to the body, facilitating care that encompasses an individual’s mental well-being, physical health and/or substance use disorders at the same time and the same place. Extending integrated care into the Kitsap community, behavioral health consultation will be provided by a highly experienced psychiatric ARNP available to primary care providers at no charge, offering consultative support and training on diagnostics, medication management, and treatment. In addition, KMHS will locate a behavioral health professional on rotation at four Harrison HealthPartners clinics to provide brief therapy and referrals.

Last updated Giugno 2015
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