The State of Virginia is undergoing significant reforms to their Medicaid program. As outlined by Secretary Hazel in April 2014, the 1st phase includes implementation of their dual eligibles program, the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Program. The second phase includes "Limited Provider Networks and Medical Homes." These will include creating an agreement with the federal government that allows for limited provider networks would afford Virginia’s MCO’s, health systems, and health care providers to create innovative models of  comprehensive care specific to a region, chronic condition, or co-occurring medical situations that span across physical and mental health. While number of providers may be reduced with a limited network, qualifying beneficiaries could receive higher quality coordinated care through a limited network arrangement.

Primary Care Innovations and PCMH Activity

Dual Eligible 2703 SPA CPC CPC+ PCMH QHP PCMH Legislation Private Payer

Public Payer Programs

State Facts:

Uninsured Population:
Total Medicaid Spending FY 2013: 
$7.3 Billion 
Overweight/Obese Adults:
Poor Mental Health among Adults: 
Medicaid Expansion: 

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