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NH Citizens Health Initiative Multi-Stakeholder Medical Home Pilot, which ended in 2011, was a collaboration among the Initiative's medical home workgroup, the Center for Medical Home Improvement, and the four private NH Health Plans: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, CIGNA, Anthem, and MVP Healthcare, as well as NH Medicaid. In July 2010, the NH Citizen’s Health Initiative (The Initiative), which is staffed through the NH Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP), launched a value-based health care initiative in the form of a statewide, five‐year Accountable Care Organization (ACO) pilot project. The Initiative is a multi‐stakeholder collaborative effort working for a health and health care system with better health, better care, and lower costs for all New Hampshire residents.

In 2011, Governor Lynch signed legislation (SB147) that employs a Medicaid Care Management (MCM) model for administering the New Hampshire Medicaid program, which began in December 2013. The managed care organizations (MCO) are responsible for coordinating all health care services for members through a network of providers. This involves enrolling members into a medical home, which is typically a primary care physician (PCP) who will be responsible for providing regular preventative treatment and ensuring the continuity of care. New Hampshire is extending Medicaid through a "private option" platform in which the state will use federal funding to purchase plans for low-income residents from the insurance Marketplace. 

Primary Care Innovations and PCMH Activity

Dual Eligible 2703 SPA CPC CPC+ PCMH QHP PCMH Legislation Private Payer

Public Payer Programs

Program Name Payer Type Coverage Area Parent Program Outcomes
AAMC Project CORE: Coordinating Optimal Referral Experiences - New Hampshire Grant California, Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wisconsin CMS Health Care Innovation Award (Round 2)
CMS State Innovation Model Design Award - New Hampshire Grant Statewide CMS State Innovation Model (SIM)

State Legislation

Legislation Status Year
New Hampshire Senate Bill 147

The legislation employs a Medicaid Care Management (MCM) model for administering the New Hampshire Medicaid program, which began in December 2013.

Enacted 2011

State Facts:

Uninsured Population:
Total Medicaid Spending FY 2013: 
$1.2 Billion 
Overweight/Obese Adults:
Poor Mental Health among Adults: 
Medicaid Expansion: 

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