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Las Vegas, NV
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Founded in 2011, Iora Health incorporates team-based care that puts the patient first as well as a payment system that is based on care, not billing codes and technology. 

Iora's primary care teams, which include a dedicated advocate for each patient, work together to treat the whole person. A team of a doctor, nurse and a Health Coach works with each patient, enabling them to become active participants in their own well-being. Iora's Health Coaches are relationship builders between the patients and their care teams. They are screened and hired for their ability to connect deeply with people because Iora's Health Coaches are more than caregivers. They are confidants, cheerleaders, and friends.

Iora also prioritizes behavioral health as a fundamental piece of a patient's overall health. At Iora, patients can access their own behavioral health specialist in the comfort and privacy of their doctors’ office. Specialists provide short-term counseling, assessments and referrals, as well as consultation to other team members, all within the scope of primary care.

Payment Model: 

In most Iora Health partnership arrangements, "the company receives a flat monthly payment for each patient and, if it saves the company money on overall health spending, it takes a percentage of what is saved."

-New York Times (March 2015) 

Last updated March 2015
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