PTN - VHA/UHC Alliance Newco (Vizient)

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Irving, TX
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VHA and UHC will provide technical assistance support to help equip clinicians in their national network with tools, information, and support needed to improve quality of care, increase patients’ access to information, and spend health care dollars more wisely. As a national Practice Transformation Network, VHA-UHC will work with approximately 26,000 clinicians to help expand their quality improvement capacity, learn from one another, and achieve common goals of improved care, better health, and reduced cost. More specifically, the VHA-UHC network will focus on improving access to care, quality of care, efficiency, patient satisfaction, and outcomes across all participating organizations through a multi-pronged strategy that includes:

  • Development of policies and use of guidelines, checklists, and assessment resources with clear action steps and tracking tools to measure progress
  • Oversight and advisory services with individual organization coaching and facilitation
  • Facilitation of leader engagement in improvement projects
  • Use of data for decision-making and evaluation
  • Introduction to a collaborative change management model to improve outcomes

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VHA-UHC (Vizient) PTN Description

Last updated April 2019
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