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Richmond, VA
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As a Practice Transformation Network, HQI will support 1,250 Virginia office-based physicians to expand their quality improvement capacity, learn from one another, and achieve common goals of improved care, better health, and reduced cost. The network will help practices report and analyze clinical performance data, identify patients with multiple chronic conditions and manage their care, coordinate with other providers to manage transitions from inpatient care, and build “medical neighborhoods” of best-value specialists to whom they can refer patients. This assistance will help participating clinicians meet the initiative’s phases of transformation and associated milestones, clinical and operational results.

Clinicians who join the VPTN will:

  • have an opportunity to be recognized as a national healthcare leader;
  • Increase quality of care, decrease resource utilization through PQRS and Value-Modifier programs;
  • Compare their data to other providers on a national/regional level; and
  • have access to a community forum with peers and subject matter experts.  

Additional Resources:

Spotlight on Excellence – TCPi Participation Helps Practice Increase Patient Preventive Health Screenings by Over 1,300 (April 2019)

Spotlight on Excellence – Rio Family Medicine Reduces Hospital Readmissions and High-risk Medication Use While Keeping Preventive Screenings Near 100 Percent (February 2019)

Last updated April 2019
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