CMS State Innovation Model (SIM) Test Award - Oregon

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Salem, OR
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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation awarded a State Innovation Model (SIM) grant to Oregon for up to $45 million for three and a half years. Oregon was one of six states to receive the grant for testing innovative approaches to improving health and lowering costs across the health care system, including Medicaid, Medicare, and the private sector.

The grant will support the state's ongoing health system transformation and provide opportunities for Oregon to share what it learns with other states. Oregon's health reform to its Medicaid program started with the creation of coordinated care organizations (CCOs). The SIM grant provides an opportunity for Oregon to strengthen and support the coordinated care model and to begin to make some of its key elements, such as patient-centered primary care homes (PCPCH), available to others such as PEBB, OEBB, and Medicare beneficiaries.

The State Innovation Model Operational Plan Update reported that year 1 SIM funding made it possible to:

  • certify 500 clinics as patient-centered primary care home certified, and engage approximately 43,000 primary care providers in the coordinated care model.
  • spread the coordinated model more quickly and with more success beyond Medicaid to state employees, Oregon’s educators, Medicare and other additional payers and employers across the state.
  • bring all of the commercial and public payers to the table to achieve consensus on Oregon’s multi-payer strategy to support primary care and continue conversations with these key stakeholders for additional alignment of payment towards outcomes
Last updated September 2015
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