Cigna Collaborative Accountable Care Program- Piedmont Physicians Group

Program Location: 
Atlanta, GA
Payer Type: 

In July 2010, Cigna and Piedmont Physicians Group, launched an accountable care organization (ACO) pilot program to improve access to and quality of patient care, and provide better care coordination while lowering medical costs. During the ACO pilot, a Piedmont Physicians Group practice will monitor and coordinate all aspects of an individual's medical care. Patients will continue to go to their current Piedmont physician and automatically receive benefits of the pilot program.  The program is expected to provide immediate benefits for those who need help managing chronic conditions such as diabetes. 

Central to the program are registered nurses who are part of the physician-led care team and serve as clinical care coordinators to help patients with chronic conditions or other health challenges navigate their health care system. The care coordinator will enhance patient care by coordinating Cigna data and clinical programs of the Piedmont Physicians Group, as well as communications, appointment availability and education around those clinical programs. Using Cigna data to help drive improved outcomes is one of the core strengths of the program.

Payment Model: 

Cigna uses a blended payment model, which includes the traditional FFS plus an additional fee for care coordination and other medical home services.  Physicians will also be rewarded through a pay-for-performance structure if they meet targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Last updated May 2014
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