Cigna Collaborative Accountable Care (CAC) Program - Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

Program Location: 
North Charleston, SC
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The main goal of Palmetto Primary Care Physicians' (PPCP) patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program is to help patients have what they need to manage their health, whether they have a chronic disease or the flu. Some ways that this goal is addressed is through increased frequency and quality of communication, 24/7 triage services, the use of an integrated electronic medical record, and availability of same-day appointments.

The members of the patient's care team include the Doctor, Physician's Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner, nurses, medical assistants, and front desk staff. For some patients, this could also include a patient care coordinator, dietician, pharmacist, and other care providers outside of your Doctor's office. These other providers, such as a cardiologist or gynecologist, help manage chronic conditions in specialty settings. All of these individuals working together means less disjointed care and smoother transitions between services.

Palmetto Primary Care Physicians has accomplished many firsts. PPCP was the first in South Carolina to launch a Patient Centered Medical Home. PPCP was the first to be an NCQA Level III PCMH, and one of only four in the nation for the first two years. PPCP was the first private primary care group registered with Trident United Way's Benefit Bank.  PPCP was the first in the nation to develop Patient Care Coordinator training, and currently, PPCP is spearheading efforts in the development of a nationally recognized certification.

Payment Model: 

Cigna will compensate physicians for the medical and care coordination services it provides. Additionally, the medical group may be rewarded through a “pay for performance” structure if it meets targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs

Last updated May 2015
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